Friday, 19 February 2010

Playing with VLC

After doing so much of vvvv, I was thinking of trying to try something a bit different.

I love vlc, that's the best media player out there for playing any file really. I also love the minimalist interface, I just want to play a film in full screen :)

One thing that vlc lack tho is projection control. in my place my projection is severely keystoned/distorted, can't really correct hardware wise.

So just wanted to try to add in in vlc itself.

Download code, configure/make (on ubuntu). All works, cool :0

Now go in the opengl videoout, check where the video is rendered, switch GL mode to projection, load identity, multiply by homography, switch back to modelview.

make again, start a video...

Was easy, got now a vlc player with keystone support (fact that code is well organised definitely made my life easier)

Next step, integrate the config in vlc somehow, and add glsl basic support for multi projectors edge blending :)

Monday, 8 February 2010

Orbit traps

Been looking at Inigo Quilez website a lot lately, so many cool things to learn from there :)

One thing which i found really interesting was orbit traps for fractals (i was a fractal freak some years ago), so decided to implement it in hlsl and run it in vvvv.

Having tonfilm's julia shader was helpful, so only needed some modifications.
That allows some nice results, theres probably more to explore.

Shader is fully spreadable, so it becomes easy to build a layer system like in the good ultra fractal.

Ah, the beauty of maths.... :)

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Box2d physics (again)

Been adding couple of new features on box2d, to make some operations a bit more user friendly.

-Spreadable controllers.
-Ability to scale a shape.
-Collision filtering
-Mouse joints

To demo some of the features, here are two small videos:

Box2d Mouse Joints from vux on Vimeo.

vvvv Box2d + reaktor from vux on Vimeo.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Shader play and some more

Didn't posted a lot lately, been quite busy with the christmas pack (see here )

Quite glad a lot of people enjoyed it :)
Been adding a few improvements in the vvvv plugins (like adding stuff like inner radius for 2d mesh primitives).

On what is gonna come, got some new goodies coming up:
  • some shader conversion from shadertoy (conversion from glsl to hlsl)
  • Improved voronoi, with cell and ability to locate points.
  • Some new 3d meshes, been playing a lot with 3d polytopes (thanks to fibo for some of the help)

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

More box2d work

Lately been working a lot on box2d plugin. This library has a lot of features and due to vvvv different programming way, it's not always easy to figure a user friendly way to present the features.

Nonetheless lots of new features have been implemented:
-Compound shapes are now ready (multiple shapes per body, add/remove shape from existing body at runtime)
-Edge chains (series of segments for easy collisions)
-Sensors (shapes that detects collisions but do not produce a response)
-Apply forces/torques and impulses to bodies
-Controllers. This allow control of a set of bodies by different rules. This is an awesome feature and is really flexible, as we can switch body controllers at runtime.

Not having much more left to do on it (as joints are well advanced as well), so hopefully will have a fully featured release soon.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

More structure synth play

I've been playing a bit more with structure synth and finding different ways to have it animated within vvvv.

So far i found different interesting ways:
  • Place variables in the script. This is nice, but the script needs to be recompiled every time the parameters changes, which is not that great if you have a lot of objects.
  • Play with transforms: I like this idea as it works quite neat (only playing with scale gives some noce results). Not as flexible as the above, but quite fast and smooth.
  • Build a threaded version of the plugin. My next step. That will allow to build the structure in the background without blocking vvvv, so we could have some nice crossfaders between structures

Also played with the examples to see what we can get out of it, some can be quite promising.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

New plugins for vvvv beta21

Today the beta21 of vvvv has been released.

Lots of new stuff, really nice things have been added.

Also all nodes I worked on have been added in one go :)
  • Updated structured synth
  • New FFT bass node (for NRT rendering)
  • Box2d collection of nodes
  • Fluid solver
  • Database nodes

Enjoy :)